Mold Damage

moldMold, in a Florida house, is most often found on walls, floors, ceilings, counter tops, and carpets exposed to moisture. One particularly troublesome hiding place is inside the duct work and associated components of central forced-air heating and air-conditioning systems. After initial mold testing we identify and set up containment to isolate affected areas during remediation, this area will be under negative air pressure during remediation.  This allows us to do our removal of contaminated materials without fear of spreading to unaffected areas using a negative air machine exhausted outdoors while bringing in the same amount of clean filtered air. 

The process will exchange the Contained area’s air a minimum of 6 times per hour.  Portable air scrubbers are used in the clean rooms as well as the containment areas.  Like a negative air machine, air scrubbers use the same hepa filtration system removing 99.9% of airborne contaminates with an added addition of a high efficiency charcoal to remove any airborne odors.  Both machines have primary and secondary filters which are to be changed daily to protect the unit’s main hepa box filter. The box filters are changed approximately every three months depending on the hours of use. 

Once containment’s are up and good negative air pressure is achieved all contents and effected personal property are bagged and sealed for disposal.  Next, we Hepa vacuum the entire area and wire brush and sand effected areas. The process is repeated several times.  Finally we treat and wipe clean all effected areas with the appropriate disinfectants.

After 48 hours, you are ready for your Clearance testing.  All containment and machines will remain while we wait for the testing,  Once you have passed clearance, we can remove our containment’s and machinery.  Now you are ready to rebuild.

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